Salsa & Bachata

Get ready to heat up the dance floor with our Salsa & Bachata class! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, our skilled instructors will guide you through the basic steps and techniques of these popular Latin styles like LA, Cuban, and New York.


Step into the world of Kizomba, where you'll discover a dance style that's both sensual and smooth. You'll learn to connect with your partner and flow with the music, as you experience the intimate and expressive movements of Kizomba.

Greek Dances

From the lively and energetic Zeibekiko to the elegant Hasapiko, you'll learn to move with the spirit and joy of Greece. With our warm and welcoming atmosphere, you'll connect with your fellow dancers and embrace the beauty of Greek dance.

Ladies Styling

Ladies' Styling Classes in Salsa and Bachata focus on enhancing elegance, confidence, and technique on the dance floor. Tailored for women, these sessions teach posture, arm styling, spins, and footwork, empowering dancers to express themselves with grace. Perfect for all levels


Our experienced instructors guide students in building strong technique and developing the emotional and expressive elements of Flamenco. We create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where students can connect with their fellow dancers and embrace the beauty and energy of Flamenco.

Wedding Dance

We offer private wedding dance classes for new and excited couples! Our experienced choreographers will make sure you are prepared with a stunning first dance for your big day, to make your speical day even more special.