Our Instructors

Pieris Pieri

Andrea Agapiou

Andria Avraam

Anna Stephanou

Maradee De Guzman

Agapiou Escuela De Danza, was founded in 2000 by dancer, dance instructor, and choreographer, Agapio Agapiou. Agapios served the art of dance, from a young age, with hard work, love, and passion. Starting at the age of 12, he became involved in Cypriot traditional and Greek folk dances. After finishing high school, he studied business administration but his love for dance was so strong that he went abroad to study. In 1998, he completed his dance studies in England and Spain, where he specialized in Latin, Flamenco, and classical ballet.

Returning to Cyprus in 1998 and after his great success in 2000 at a world Latin dance competition in Italy, where he and his partner at the time won the first prize, Agapios decided to establish his own dance school in a space in the city center, which he designed from scratch based on modern dance school standards. His vision was to create a dance academy with high standards like those abroad, capable of making its students fall in love with this unique art form and express themselves through it.

In 2003, dancer, dance instructor, and choreographer Pieris Pieri joined the Agapiou Danza family, with whom the collaboration has continued throughout the years. Pieris, a student of the school from a young age, always stood out for his dancing abilities, passion, appetite, and zeal for the art of dance. He decided to pursue dance studies, wanting to develop and make a career out of his passion. After completing his studies, he began teaching at the school and became an integral part of its operation. Meanwhile, he and Agapios organized and participated in numerous cultural events and seminars in Cyprus and abroad, appearing in many TV shows and dance performances with their students.

The hard work, continuous training, and love of the school's instructors for their work have made it one of the most well-known and respected dance schools in Cyprus, and one of the first in its creation. In 2022, after the unexpected passing of the school's founder, Agapio Agapiou, Pieris Pieri took over the full management and supervision of the school, continuing and evolving the work of previous years with the same zeal, love, and enthusiasm.

At Agapiou Danza, you'll find various dance styles such as Latin dances, Greek dances, Flamenco, and Tango, for all levels, from beginners to advanced classes. Private lessons are also available, tailored to your needs and desires. The school also organizes events, dance seminars, trips to dance congresses abroad, dance weekends, and Latin parties every Friday!

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Agapiou Danza dance family! Don't hesitate to contact us for anything you need.